Scientific Program

Monday, 27 November




 Congress Opening


 Session I: Opening and Keynote Presentations
 Lessons from High Impact Clinical Trials in 2017
 Ralph DeFronzo, USA
 Innovation in Diabetes – What’s Ahead

 Francesco Giorgino, Italy 

 Changing Management Guidelines: Good  Evidence and Bad Evidence
 Philip Home, UK



 Networking Break and visit the Exhibition


 Session II: Current Regulatory Trends in Diabetes and Drug Development

 EMA Perspective
 Giuseppe Rosano, UK

 US and FDA Perspective 
 Zan Fleming, USA

 How to Pick and Qualify a CRO
 James Nolan, Inclinica, USA

 Asia/China Perspective
 Guang Ning, China



 Lunch Break, Networking and visit the Exhibition


 Session III: Design a Clinical Program for Success
 Convincing Authorities for Innovative Endpoints 
 Zan Fleming, USA

 How New Technologies may Help in Designing Trials in Diabetes
 Paolo Pozzilli, Italy

 The Role of DSMB (IDMC)
 Philip Home, UK

 Clinical Trials in Emerging Nations
 Guang Ning, China

 Assessing and Measuring Hypoglycemia 
 Avivit Cahn, Israel

 Clinical Trials in Older Patients with Frailty Syndrome a Need for Evidence Based  Studies
 Markolf Hanefeld, Germany


 Networking Break and visit the Exhibition


 Session IV:  Oral Presentations from Selected Abstracts


Pregnancy Outcomes: Effects of Metformin (POEM) Study in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus - a Long Term Randomized Controlled Trial
Adriaan Kooy
, The Netherlands

Symmetric and asymmetric dimethylarginine as risk markers of cardiovascular disease, all-cause mortality and deterioration in kidney function in type 2 diabetes
Emilie Hein Zobel
, Denmark

Hypomagnesaemia in Diabetes patients: Comparison of Serum to Intracellular Measurement of Responses to Magnesium Supplementation and its role in Inflammation
Nadia Zghoul
, Kuwait

Improvement of type 2 diabetes (T2DM) in 250 hypogonadal men with testosterone therapy for 8 years: real-life registry data
Farid Saad
, Germany

Zygosids - the Novel Family of Complexes for Treatment and Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
Mordechai (Mottie) Chevion, Vladimir Vinokur, Dror Chevion, Israel

Additional orals will be added


 Networking Reception in the Exhibition Area

Tuesday, 28 November




 Session V: Phase 2/3 Studies
 Why are Phase 2 Studies so Often Misleading?
 Andreas Pfützner, Germany

 Diabetic Neuropathy and / or  Tools to Quantify Vascular Effects in Phase Studies  and / or Biomarkers in Diabetes Studies
 Thomas Forst, Profil, Germany

 Public Perception of Clinical Trials for Diabetes
 Helen Gao, Close Concerns, USA

  Can Real World Evidence Substitute for RCTs to Gain Approval for New Drugs?
  Eberhard Standl, Germany



Coffee Break, Exhibition and  Guided Poster Walks and visit the Exhibition


 Session VI: Cardiovascular Outcome Studies Part 1: What can we Learn from    Retrospective Data
 Merits of Observational versus Randomized Clinical Trial Data
 John Lachin, U.S.A

 Big Data: Advantages and Shortfalls
 Ran Goshen, Israel



Lunch Break, Networking and visit the Exhibition


 Session VII: Cardiovascular Outcome Studies Part 2: Design, Interpretation and Translation
 Next Generation of Diabetes Trials (Round Table)
 Neda  Rasouli, USA, Ralph DeFronzo, USA, Zan Fleming, USA

 Considerations in the Selection and Analysis of Multiple Outcomes
 John Lachin, USA

 Algorithm Dilemma for the Management of Diabetes.
 Antonio Ceriello, Spain

 Clinical Trials in Diabetic Kidney Disease: The Need for a Personalized Approach 
 Hiddo J. Lambers Heerspink, Netherlands 
 Interpretation and Translation of Cardiovascular studies in clinical  practice
 Neda  Rasouli, USA

 CVOTs 2017 - what have we learned?
 Oliver Schnell,  Germany


 Networking Break and visit the Exhibition


 Session VIII: Special National Program to Enhance Drug Development
 Special National Program to Enhance Drug Development 

  The Importance of IP and How to Select the Right Lawyer and Firm
  James Nolan, InClinica, USA
 Panel Discussion


 Congress Closing